Sunday, December 18, 2011


Thanks to everyone who has called to talk with and check on my mom today. She is doing well and is in pretty good spirits. We are all feeling pretty hopeful about this at the moment. We feel like she has some really great doctors who are paying very close attention to her and who seem to know what they are doing. THEY SEEMED HOPEFUL which helps a lot. It is still pretty hard to hear that you have cancer in your body but for having that kind of news it feels like maybe this is best case scenario. We are going to go with that assumption. We won't know until late tomorrow afternoon what time she will have the surgery on Tuesday but I will put all of that information on here as well as updates as soon as I have them after she comes out. We sure love all of you and are grateful for your friendship. Again, please keep her in your prayers. Thanks. Night all.

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