Saturday, December 3, 2011


My little boy was funny today. Well, I should say that it's funny now at the end of today. It wasn't really funny at the time. I gave him and Carly a bath this morning and he was the first one that wanted out. I got him out, lotioned him and got him dressed. Actually, by dressed I mean I put him in a new pair of pajamas. Since he's had a bit of a cold we try to keep his feet covered and if I put socks and shoes on him he usually takes them off. So, we have lots of pairs of footy pajamas and most days just keep him in those since he can't go much of anywhere anyway. Well, I got him in his pajamas and turned my back for twenty seconds to grab Carly's clothes and I heard a splash. I really didn't think much of it since Carly was still in the tub, until Carly yelled for me to come quick. When I did, I found my fully clothed boy back in the tub playing with his sister. Gah!
Later, when it was nap time, I kept hearing him chatter on the monitor and then he would get quiet and I would think he had gone to sleep. Then the chatter would start again. Finally, I decided I needed to go in and tell him to "Go to sleep!" I opened his bedroom door only to find a totally naked baby boy in his crib. He had taken off his pajamas, his onesie and his wet diaper and was just laying there happily chatting to himself in all his nakedness. Silly boy! Now the backward pajamas begin. . . Lol!

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