Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Rob's got home tonight. He'd been gone for a couple of days doing an install. I am always so happy when he gets home safe. He does so much driving that I worry. He's a good driver but there are a lot of idiots on the road. Wow, does it feel like December is speeding by you? It does me? We don't even have a tree up yet. I'm trying to talk Rob into getting a fresh tree. They have always done fake ones. We have always done fresh ones. So, since we've been married I have gone along with the fake tree thing because they had a couple of them and had quite a bit invested in them. However, when I first worked at the university I worked for the floral shop and we were responsible for decorating the nearly 400,000 square foot building we were housed in. We used tons of fake trees. TONS of them! We had to put lights and decorations on all of them. I can't even begin to tell you how sick I got of FAKE Christmas trees! The putting them up and taking them down is so awful. Spreading out the branches and hooking them into the right holes. Then flattening them back up enough to go back into the box. I HATE, HATE, HATE THEM!!! Hmmm, don't know if I realized my feelings were quite this strong. It's been awhile since I thought about it. So anyway, I don't want a fake tree this year. Get the point? Lol!

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