Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Grandma got out today and did some weed pulling. She had a little bit of help--maybe a little bit too much help. Carly and Jono both decided Grandma needed their help. I seriously doubt they were much help but Grandma is always really gracious and lets them "help" her. Anyway, they felt like pretty hot stuff.
Grandpa is busy trying to keep Congress in line. That should keep him busy for quite some time, don't you think? I know it keeps our mail carrier busy. She told Rob one day that we get more mail than anyone else on her route. Lol!

Speaking of which, I got my cute hubby back this afternoon. He'd been away for a couple of days on a job. It's always nice when he comes back home. The kids were happy to see dad, too!

We are excited for the holiday weekend coming up--not so much to celebrate the holiday but because we've made ourselves such a long honeydew list--that we need the extra time to get it done. Hopefully, we will get some fun in, too.

Hope you have some fun plans! Take care.

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