Thursday, May 9, 2013


I've been working on Carly's hair for oh, about five days now and I finally finished it tonight! I usually take her to a woman to have her hair braided but she was out of town when I wanted it done--so I decided to try to do something on my own one more time. I guess I just had to prove to myself I could do something with her hair.

It took lots of time and patience on both mine and Carly's part but I finished. All that aside--it is a job of not fine workmanship--and I am not being humble. It truly is not well done--but I am still proud of the fact that I did it. But, having done it once now--I know I can do it even better next time and maybe even a little faster.

I did take the easy way out and twisted instead of braided. The twists are easier to put in and take out. They also look really cute. Anyway, here is my handiwork. Carly loves the beads. That's all she cares about--and as long as she's happy--I'm happy. I probably won't do this often--but hey, it's good to know I can do something once in awhile! Love you baby girl!

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