Tuesday, May 28, 2013


As it turns out we got the garden planted (or mostly planted) just in time. We woke up to a really wet day. It's started raining sometime during the night and kept raining all day long. From the weather reports, it sounds like we are in for the same thing tomorrow also.

Rain never makes for very happy kids. It's hard for me to keep them in, well Jono specifically. He doesn't care if he gets wet or muddy. He loves to swing and he just wants to go out and swing! About the only thing that would keep him in without my insistence is thunder and lightening--and we have any of that today. Luckily, tomorrow the kids have a play-date set up at a friend's house.

Mom had a doctor appt. today--nothing big. Other than that, Rob is the only one that left the house. I managed to get laundry done and I did finally get back on the treadmill. I only did 3 miles today but at least I did something! Well, not much to report. Sometimes that's the best news. Night all.

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