Thursday, May 16, 2013


My parents like to do things together. They both visited the dentist this week and both got told they needed a rout canal--that the dentist could not do. So, they both have an appointment with an Endodontist to have a their canals routed! The good news is they may qualify for the two for one special! Just kidding. Lol!

I ended up with an extra kid all day today. One of my neighbors babysitter's got sick and so I had her little girl. I took her with us to our playgroup and when we got back I put all 3 kids in one room for a nap. Only one fell asleep--you guessed it--the neighbor kid. Of course--she also wet the bed. So, I did sheets today, too.

I made a chicken recipe for dinner Mom found and sent me. It had a teaspoon of red pepper flakes in it. It was tasty but really hot. I think Mom and I were the only ones who finished our meal. Needless to say, I rinsed the leftover chicken off after dinner and will be trying a different recipe with it tomorrow. Guess my family are chickens when it comes to hot stuff! Hahaha! Maybe I'll try some sweet and sour--or just experiment on them. Lol!

Well, night all.

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