Sunday, May 5, 2013


I spent a good part of this afternoon and evening working on Carly's hair. The parting is the worst part. Trying to comb through it and part it without it hurting her takes so long . . . you can't even imagine it if you haven't worked with black hair before. I really feel for her. I had no idea what black women went through to make their hair look good until I had Carly. Now I know how amazing they really are--and I really mean that.

I got one row of twists put in her hair before bedtime. Hopefully, I can finish her hair tomorrow--but I am not making myself any promises. She has a huge puff on top of her head right now with the twists hanging down from it. The great thing is she is cute enough to pull off whatever I do to her hair. Lol!

Rob spent about 5 hours out on a call today and still wasn't able to get it fixed. He ended up having to order a new part that won't get in until tomorrow afternoon. Sometimes when he is on-call he doesn't get a single call the whole weekend, other times he gets slammed--kind of like this weekend. Although, I'll admit he has had times that were much worse than this. It just seemed like we barely saw him this weekend.

Megan came over this afternoon and the kids were really glad to see her. They love to do gymnastics--like flips and somersaults and Megan always helps them do them.

Aunt Kaye is still making progress and I guess she is getting a little feisty--which is a good sign. She'd really like to go home but she isn't able to eat or drink by mouth yet. She has yet to pass a swallow test. They are working with her on doing exercises to strengthen her throat muscles so she can. Please keep praying for her with us. The prayers are helping so much.

Grandma and Grandpa are doing pretty well. They tire easily--but in general are feeling pretty good. I think that's pretty much how we all feel, though. The good news is that there is nothing much to report out this way. Boring is good--so we'll take boring!

Have a great week everyone!

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