Saturday, May 18, 2013


It rained quite a bit today but it did it in spurts. Between spurts, Grandma got in some weeding in the flower beds. Rob also was able to organize the shed so he could work on the downstairs which he's been trying to get straightened up. Me--well, I watched kids, did a load of laundry, refereed a few arguments between my little ones--made lunch and dinner--you know typical Mom duty. I still don't feel like I accomplished much today.

I made a batch of triple chocolate brownies (homemade) after dinner and we watched a Disney movie with the kids while I worked on Carly's hair. It's funny how your kids start to mimic you. Carly has been going around today giving me points on the white board when I'm good. Then, when she went to bed tonight she told me if I was really good tomorrow I would get a prize. When I actually put her in bed she told me if I  got her up really early she would make me a bead necklace tomorrow. Lol.

Well, at least I know some things are sinking in. And it was nice to get a few "Good Mommy" points today. Although, as late as it is now, I doubt I will earn my bead necklace tomorrow. Better get myself to bed so I have a shot at it. Lol!

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