Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Wow, it sure has been a roller coaster ride but my Aunt Kaye got to go home this evening. Wonderfully, she passed her swallow test today and the doctors and nurses were able to observe her eating and drinking before sending her home. What a blessing all of this news is. It's been so hard on the family and especially on my Aunt Kaye. We feel so blessed to have her on the road to recovery. Thank you so much for keeping them all in your prayers--and please continue to do so if you will.

As for us, we had our first full day with the air conditioning working again. Yay! Boy, you don't realize how much you depend on modern conveniences like that until you lose them for a bit.

Whenever, I experience horrible summer heat I think about my Grandma and the stories she used to tell me about helping her mom on the farm. She would talk about rising very early in the morning to make breakfast for the farm help. She said by the time they got things cleaned up from breakfast it was time to start lunch for them and so went the day. My Grandma was born in 1901 so, of course, there was no air conditioning -- nothing to make the kitchen more comfortable as they baked -- and all this happened in the sweltering heat of the midwest. Having lived in that heat for much of my life, I can't even imagine going through that.

Well, I am just very grateful for modern inventions--and being born in a time when many of them abound and make our lives a bit easier and more comfortable.

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