Sunday, May 5, 2013


Rob got called out last night and then again this morning. He was also supposed to go out again tonight but the part he needed never arrived--pretty sure it was slowed up by the sequestration. Anyway, the part is supposed to get here tomorrow so he will have to go in when it gets here to fix the other machine. Sure hope the rest of the day tomorrow quiets down. It would be nice to have a weekend with my husband!

Not to mention that Jono, Carly and I woke up with sore throats today. We felt a little better throughout the day but before the day was over Jono had thrown-up. Did I mention he did that in a crowed Walmart store? Yah, so we won't be doing Church tomorrow. We will be staying home trying to get ourselves better. :)

My Aunt Kaye is starting to ask about being able to go home from the hospital. We think that is a really positive sign. She may need to go to a rehab center first but we still feel really good about her progress at this point.

Well, that's all I know for now. Take care and get some sleep. I know that's my plan. :)

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