Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Yesterday we took the kids to a fun center where they had all you can eat pizza, salad, desserts, etc. and then all kinds of games. We spent nearly six hours there with them and they had a blast. We bowled, drove go-karts, rode a carousel, drove little cars, went on small rides, played games and arcades. Really, I think the only things we didn't get to were mini-golf and bumper cars--and Carly and Jono were too short to do  the bumper cars. That didn't matter since there were so many other things to do. The great thing was we were able to get this deal on one of the internet specials so it hardly cost anything to go and do. It really was a lot of fun. The only problem was the kids wanted to know if they could go back tomorrow! ;)

Today was a state holiday. We didn't do anything to celebrate, though. We are going to do our celebrating on Friday when Rob's brother and his family are available. Although, there were big parades today and fireworks this evening. Lots of businesses were closed today. It's Pioneer Day--a celebration of when the pioneers first came into the valley in 1847. So, Happy Pioneer Day to you!

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