Saturday, July 21, 2012


We worked hard all day today so we played all evening. Well, something like that. We spent the day organizing and cleaning, then this evening Rob and I took Julie to a play. One of my friend's had several family members in Fiddler on the Roof at a local playhouse and we've been wanting to take Julie to a musical before she leaves for college so we went to see it. Megan came over and watched Carly and Jono so we could go. Not only did we have a good time but the little ones had a blast too! They were so glad to have Megan come watch them they didn't even get upset when I left, which is totally unlike them!

When I got home tonight, I checked in with Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma was up reading but Grandpa was totally crashed. He has had physical therapy several times this week and been doing his homework and I guess he is just completely worn out! He just looked so tired. I can't tell you how amazing he is doing, though. The difference is so huge between what he could do before and what he is doing now. It's so great!

Well, gotta get some sleep before the Sabbath. Have a terrific Sunday. Night all.

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