Thursday, July 5, 2012


We had a great day with family. Susan, Russ and their kids came up and we grilled and had a nice summer pot luck dinner. Then we had cake and ice cream and sang to Grandpa! Sarah wasn't able to make it but is going to try to come up next week sometime. We saved some cake for tomorrow so we can do it all over again. Maybe we'll try a surprise party tomorrow just to liven things up a bit! How about that Grandpa?

After dark, Rob and I took the kids and went with some friends to watch fireworks. Even Megan went with us! The fireworks were terrific and lasted a long time. Everyone, except JONO loved them! He thought they were too loud and scary and wanted to come home. Although, they sure did make him want to cuddle! I think he secretly liked them but didn't want to admit it. He just doesn't like loud noises--but then neither does Carly. They have been like that since they were tiny. I did get him to sit still and watch them but he refused to like them--even though he would name the colors for me. Funny kid! Happy Independence Day!

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