Sunday, July 8, 2012


Grandpa is really making progress in his walking and being able to get up to a standing position by himself. Grandma said he was able to stand up real quick today about twenty times. That's his homework. I guess he has to practice in between sessions. Anyway, he is walking and talking better. So much progress!

Rob is passing another kidney stone. Poor guy--and he's been doing it while being on-call this weekend. He spent another 7 hours called out today. He was really hit hard this time. Luckily he is through being on-call tomorrow morning.

Carly and Jono are still sick. Jono especially has had a hard time sleeping through the night because his mouth and throat have been bothering him so much. Hopefully, all this will pass soon--since when kids don't sleep through the night--neither does the Mamma. :)

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