Monday, July 30, 2012


We have been watching the Olympics the last several days and you know it--I have two tiny Olympians! Carly and Jono are so funny. They especially love the gymnastic competitions. They are all about the tumbling and flipping. I'm a little nervous they are going to hurt themselves!

It takes me back to my youth watching the Summer Olympics. I remember loving the track and field. I remember we decided we were going to be runners and train for the next Olympics. (We were so naive--O.K. dumb.) So between races we would go out and run around the P.C.A. building to start training. Yah, it didn't last long. I mean it was really hot and humid--and it was exercise. Lol!

It is funny to see the same characteristics in my little ones, though. After every gymnast finishes Jono and Carly start running, jumping, tumbling and saying "Watch me Mom! Watch!" So cute. Especially when they think they are doing the same difficult things the gymnasts are doing and they are just running and doing a child's somersault. Lol!

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