Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Grandpa got a pretty hard work-out today from Jennifer his physical therapist. He was still feeling it this evening when I went down to say hi. He is making progress though-so I think it's worth it. What is it they say--no pain, no gain?! I know, that's easy for me to say,

Speaking of exercise, I need to get back on the treadmill myself. I keep fighting with 5-7 lbs. They drive me nuts! Of course, if I wasn't such a sugar-hound I wouldn't have the problem but I love sweets. Anything chocolate, cookies, candy, it's all trouble.

Tonight I had a huge hankering for chicken wings. Yes, I used the word "hankering." Since Granny Klampett died, I think it's way under-used so I'm just giving it some play. Lol! Anyway, I didn't even know I liked chicken wings (hot wings) until about a month ago and now I LOVE them! So, we ordered out for them and had them as our 9:30 p.m. dinner. I think Grandpa was the only one who didn't indulge. Even Jono got in on the act! Carly loves them, too. She even ate more than Julie did, but she is in a growth spurt and Julie isn't feeling very well.

Speaking of growth spurts--my 4.5 year old is in size 12 children's shoes and my almost 3 year old is in size 8 children's shoes. I think I have a couple a "BIG FOOT'S" on my hands. They both also have really long fingers. I'm thinking basketball, piano, neurosurgery . . . ;) They will both have lots of options. That's for sure.

Well, it's late. Better get to bed. Night all.

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