Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Carly had a fever last night as she was going to bed and it lasted all night long. She didn't sleep much nor did her mother. I think I got about twenty minutes~seriously. Given that, I'm surprised at how awake I've been all day. Anyway, her fever continued all day today and even a little tonight. I've been able to get it down a bit here and there with Tylenol but it goes right back up when it wears off. She did have a bit of a headache late in the day but other than that she hasn't had any other symptoms.

Grandpa had something over the weekend and it lasted for a day or so and then went away. I am hoping this will do the same. Although, Jono was a bit warm when I put them to bed tonight. Gah, it's spreading. :(

Rob and I went and signed Carly and Jono up for city league soccar today. It doesn't start until late August but they are pretty excited. They got uniforms and they had to wear them all day long!

Tomorrow starts Grandpa's annual birthday celebration! His birthday isn't actually until the 5th but we like to get started early and tag onto the fireworks. I mean, why pay for extra party things when someone is already doing it for you, right?! Lol! Happy Birthday Daddy! I ordered these big colorful bright lights in the sky just for you!! Love you! :)

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