Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Julie hurt her finger today in gym class. She thought she broke it so I took her to the docter to have it looked at and X-rayed. Turned out it was just a jam but those usually hurt worse than breaks. Of course it is the hand she uses most. She had to work tonight and it was pretty uncomfortable but she made it through.

It snowed pretty hard tonight. I'd say we got about 3 inches on the ground before it died down. The streets are still drivable. Luckily they do a really good job doing of clearing streets here. It's still supposed to snow more tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully, it won't be more than we can handle.

Grandma is still pretty tired from her quick trip. She is starting to perk up a little--but going and coming that quickly without much rest would have made me want to sleep for a week. She is really glad she was able to go home and especially happy to see as many people as she was. Thanks to everyone for their kind expressions of love and sympathy at Louise's passing. We are very grateful for your love and support.

Well, this girlie is going to bed now. Night all.

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