Monday, February 20, 2012


Okay--they were just quick moments but the kids were kind of funny today. Jonathon woke up with the most atrocious breath. He was really darling when I got him out of bed. He woke up really happy and he was really cuddly and he said, "Mommy, My bike" like it was the most important thing in the world even though it was no where in sight. He'd obviously been thinking or dreaming about his little trike. However, when he said that right into my face his breath about knocked me over. Julie was home for the holiday today and I immediately said to her, "Jono's breath could knock you flat, Holy Crap" to which Jono did not miss a beat and very animatedly said HOLY CRAP! Golly jeepers Gomer, sometimes I forget to watch what I say!

Earlier in the morning I was making a fruit smoothie and I offered Carly her choice of chocolate milk or smoothie. She, of course, chose the chocolate milk. She asked for a taste of my smoothie though, and then told me it was good. She stood around for a minute afterward like she was giving it some thought and then said, "Mommy, chocolate milk is a kid's smoothie, isn't it?" Ya know, I frankly had to agree with her. :)

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