Thursday, February 9, 2012


So, maybe you'll remember I wrote this post a few months ago about FINALLY cleaning my ovens and being a little whiny that they weren't self-cleaning. A few minutes ago Rob called me in the kitchen and said, "Honey, just so you know these oven's are self-cleaning." I said, "Honey, I asked you that BEFORE I cleaned them a few months ago!" "Oh," he said, "Well, I just noticed this lock here and wondered what it was for and then looked on top and there are two buttons that say "Clean." I walked over and looked and sure enough, plain as day, there are those buttons that say "clean" right on the dashboard of the oven.

I can just see us in a few years. I will be calling for him -- and calling and calling. Finally, I will get exasperated and go looking. When I find him, I will say "Honey, I've been calling you for twenty minutes! I think you've lost your hearing completely!" Then he will gently say, "Honey, I've answered you every time you called! I think it's time we get you a hearing aid." Lol!

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