Thursday, March 1, 2012


Since it took me thirty minutes to get into my blog to write tonight I will make this short. I am still not sure if I forgot my password or if something in the system screwed up. I hate having to have a million password for everything. I guess it keeps our Internet stuff safer though.

I took Jono to get his hair cut today and it is so cute. I will post a picture tomorrow. I went to this cute children's hair salon and he got to pick a car, plane, firetruck, motorcycle or boat to sit in while he got his hair cut. He picked a police car. They gave the kids a balloon and sucker at the end. It also had a small play place in it for kids who are waiting. It was really cute. He and Carly really loved it.

Grandma got her hair done today too. Although, I think her chair wasn't near as cute. I'm pretty sure it does go up and down, though. I'm sure Jono would have loved that additional feature!

We got about 3 inches of snow and are getting more at the moment. Don't know what the end result will be. Only know that it is very cold. I will be glad to see the sunshine and tulips in the spring! Well, that's all for today. Night all.

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