Sunday, March 4, 2012


Carly gave her first talk today in Primary opening exercises. (That's the pre-Sunday school program where all the young kids gather to have a short message and sing songs before going to their individual classes for those of you who don't go to our church.) Her talk was a two and half minutes and we practiced it three times last night and two this morning. She did really well last night but this morning she wasn't so sure she could do it. We had a couple small meltdowns the last time we practiced it--but she pulled it together.

Her talk was about knowing Jesus loves her and being good--listening and being obedient. I helped her so she didn't have to memorize it. One little boy gave a prayer, another little girl gave a scripture and then Carly gave her talk. They all did such a good. When Carly's turn came--she did perfect! I was so proud of her. She didn't act scared at all. All I could think was "My four year old is so grown up!"

We had barely gotten home from church when she turned to me and said; "Mommy, can I have the whole candy bar you promised me now?" Hahaha! Ooops! That explains the sudden turn around from the morning nervousnes and meltdowns to the perfect performance! I forgot I offered her a WHOLE Candy bar (all to herself) if she would do it without crying! CHOCOLATE--WORKS EVERYTIME! LOL!

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