Wednesday, March 21, 2012


My friend Robin and I went on an adventure today. Mostly, the adventure was seeing if we could survive a long drive with a one year old, two two-year olds and a four year old. A few weeks ago Robin and I had gone to a cannery and canned a bunch of product and we needed to go and pick it up today. We loaded a bunch of heavy boxes in my van while the kids ran around--or more accurately--ran away from us--and dared us to catch them. On the way home we stopped and grabbed some lunch and took them to a park to eat and play. They liked that part. We were hoping it would tire them out for the hour drive home, but only one of them fell asleep on the way home and it wasn't one of mine.

We got home just in time for Robin to run carpool for her other kids. In fact, she was late to get one of them so I ran to get him while she ran to get the others. When I got back with him, I started to unload the boxes but they had shifted during our drive. I put my hand up to keep one of them from falling out of the back of the van and it came crashing down on my thumb and bent it all the way backward. My thumb actually touched the back of my hand. It happened really fast-but felt like I was watching in slow-motion. It was probably shock. It hurt a ton and swelled really fast! Luckily, it is my left hand-although, I'm finding I use my left hand a lot more than I realized--especially that little opposable thumb. I was able to get into the doc but they couldn't x-ray it today so I need to go back in the morning.

On top of that Jono wasn't feeling well when we got home. His breathing was off and before the night was over he threw up a bunch of times. So, I'm just gonna say our adventure was more than I bargained for. I sure hope tomorrow is a better adventure. Lol!

p.s. Grandpa had his checkup with his Parkinson's doc today. It went well and they are going to try some new things to see if they can help him get some better movement going. :0

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