Sunday, March 11, 2012


It was 70 degrees here today! Unbelievable! It would be nice if we could have a few more days like this. The kids would love to get out and play--and maybe I could wear them out so they would actually be tired for bedtime! It was kind of a quiet Sunday here. Well, except that Rob was on-call and he did get called out for several hours. So, I guess it wasn't too quiet for him.

I baked some boneless pork ribs and made pulled pork BBQ for sandwiches and we had a yummy and fairly easy dinner. I just pulled out the potato chips for a side and made some chocolate chip cookies for dessert and everyone was happy.

Carly got to wear one of her birthday dresses to church today. She was excited--and she looked darling. I, of course, have to post a picture or two. I'm not the least bit partial to her cuteness! Lol! Okay, humor me. :)

Well, here's hoping everyone has a wonderful week !

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