Saturday, March 10, 2012


Why is it always more fun to fall back than to spring forward? The thought of getting up an hour earlier tomorrow is making me more exhausted than I already am! Or maybe it's the toddlers doing that--can't be sure!

Julie had her state tournament today. She didn't break through to move on to nationals but the experience was good for her. She is done with Debate for the year now. Yay! They spend a ton of time away from home when they do tournaments. We are happy to have her back. I'm sure her work is too.

Jono had a bit of a breathing issue this morning so it was back to double treatments. We run tha risk any time we take him out. It's so frustrating. At least the treatments seemed to take care of it. He also had a nearly naked issue. For some reason he has decided it is a good thing to disrobe in his crib. Whenever we go in to get him up we find him hiding beneath the covers with only a diaper on. Unfortunately, the second time this happened today--after his nap, he had undone one side of the diaper as well and wet all the blankets! Rawr! The frustrating part is he has figured out how to get out of the backwards pajamas! Now what do we do? He was almost potty trained and decided he didn't want to play anymore. Gah!

It was a pretty nice day here. The temps were in the mid-fifties. It would be nice if the warm weather were here to stay. Guess we will have to wait and see. Well, no more news for today. Night all.

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