Sunday, March 18, 2012


Yesterday I took the kids to their first birthday party. The mom who was giving it got sick and the dad and older daughter did their best to throw the party in her place. They did a pretty good job considering they had a bunch of whiny two, three and four year old's to work with. Trying to play games and keep that mix of toddlers interested for a couple of hours was no picnic!

I thought Carly and Jono would LOVE going to a birthday party but they both got shy and timid and it was real work for me to get them to join in with the other kids. I was really surprised. I think it will be a while before we attempt it again.

Today we went to church. It was my day to teach and I think my lesson went pretty well. It was on the Doctrine of Christ. We talked about repentance, baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost, remission of sins, taking upon us Christ's name, doing good and enduring to the end. Gee, that seemed a lot easier than my lesson--and it even went quicker. :)

This afternoon Rob and I took a long nap while the kid's napped. That was long overdue. We have both been so tired. Julie was nice enough to cook dinner for everyone. She made Chicken Tetrazzini from scratch and it was delicious. It is one of Carly's favorite meals, too.

Grandma and Grandpa pretty much just rested today, too. Everybody is doing fine. Nothing much to report. Take care everyone.

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