Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I had a rough day today. :( Not only was I not feeling well but the kids were acting up quite a bit. On top of that, Rob had a long day and was only home for 5 minutes before he had to leave for an evening meeting so I didn't get a break from them (nor them from me)and that didn't help. It seemed like it was just one tantrum after the other all day long. I've renamed our home "Timeouts "R" US" and it's only now at the end of the day I realize I should have given me the timeouts! What was I thinking?! I think a nice walk around the block would have done my mind a world of good!

Finally around 8:45 p.m. Daddy came home and helped me finish getting the kiddos in bed. As soon as we got them down we headed to bed ourselves. We were both so wiped out. As we went to fall into our beds, much to our dismay, we discovered that Jono had opened a large water bottle and dumped it out on my side of the bed. (This is the kind of stuff he's done all day long! Remember he's two!) I just about cried. The mattress, blankets, sheets--everything was sopping wet.

Rob offered to go sleep on the couch and let me have his side of the bed but I said we could put towels down or something. I was just about to have him help me lift the mattress up to see if the water had gone all the way through to the box springs and floor when Rob remembered we had a zippered on pillow top. Sure enough we checked it and the water had all gathered in the pillow top. We were able to zip it off and throw it in the dryer. The sheets, covers and blankets will have to be washed and dried but luckily we have other sets we were able to put on so we won't have to do it tonight. Don't know what I'm going to do with this boy! I thought Carly's terrible two's were bad--but they were nothing compared to what this little guy thinks of and pulls off! I'm afraid we are in for it! Age three--come to me! LOL!

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