Saturday, March 31, 2012


We spent the day cleaning the house and the garage as we listened to General Conference. (General Conference is our Church's semi-annual meeting from S.L.C. where our leaders speak and give counsel to us.) We got quite a bit done around the house. Although, it is a bit frustrating with two little ones going around behind you undoing a lot of what you are doing! Such a good thing they are cute!

Mom mentioned to me today that she thought Dad's new Parkinson's meds were starting to help a little. She thinks they have both noticed him being able to move a bit more on his own. That is great news!

Watched a movie with Rob and Julie tonight after we put the kids down. That was kind of fun. We haven't done that for a while.

We have a high wind warning again tonight. Although this one is only 45-50 mph. That is high but not as high as the one that did all the damage last time. It was between 60-75 mph. Sure hope this wind doesn't cause any problems to anyone.

Well, better get to bed. Those little ones get up early!

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