Thursday, March 15, 2012


I went to my first CAUCUS tonight. Ever. Wow. I'm searching for the word I want, I mean the one besides claustrophobic. I'm also wondering what's wrong with the plain old Primary system. There were 104 people in our precinct caucus tonight. That was up from ten two years ago and three two years before that. Apparently, a letter from church officials asking congregations to please participate in local caucuses went a long way toward participation.

Still, to me, it seems a backward and tedious process. It was long, arduous, frustrating and in the end I don't feel my views are going to be represented--which leads me back to frustrating. I would rather just vote in a primary. Could someone please make sense of the caucus system to me because to me it just seems like nonsense.

I do want to say I am very proud of my lovely Julie who ran to be a state delegate tonight. While she did not win she did a marvelous job and came in one vote short of making it to alternate. Julie was the only thing that made sense about caucus tonight. Love you Julie!

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