Saturday, March 24, 2012


Jono has had a pretty good day. I think the long term meds have kicked in and he is doing a lot better. We are still giving him multiple breathing treatments but his breathing isn't so labored in between. It is such a relief to see have him home and feeling better.

It had started getting warmer and we had let our guard down a little and started letting him go places with us. It's so hard to keep him in all winter long. He gets so frustrated with being house-bound and wants to go bye-bye with us. He seems really healthy and strong generally and so it's easy to forget how easily he gets ill--especially when it is warming up outside. The docs reminded us that March and April are the worst time for RSV, Pneumonia, Bronchiolitis and other lung disorders for children. They are just running rampant right now. It was just a year ago that he was in the hospital for nearly the same thing. I keep hoping he will grow out of this--poor little guy.

When he was in the hospital Jono was pretty much tethered to the bed with all kinds of cords and monitors but as he was being dismissed he found all these fun kid things to do out in the hallway. If only--he'd been able to wander that far, he might not have hated the hospital so much! Lol! Here are some pictures of his hospital stay--and go! lol! Boy was he happy to leave!

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