Thursday, July 18, 2013


Jono came limping in the house last night in obvious pain. He thought he had a big thorn in the bottom of his foot (it ended up being a splinter) and we do have these nasty thorns in our yard at times. Anyway, he yells "Mom, help! I've got a porcupine in my foot!" Hahaha! I didn't have the heart to tell him he meant thorn. I just pulled him into my lap and as he showed me his foot I said, "Let me see that porcupine? Those things hurt don't they!"

I'm cutting him some slack since it's so darn cute! He's actually seen a real porcupine at the zoo before--he's just mixing up his words. This little one cracks me up sometimes.

Be careful not to walk barefoot anywhere there are porcupines--those things are sharp you know! :)

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