Tuesday, July 16, 2013


This has been a really hot summer so far--but then you know that, don't you? I'm finding it hard to want to spend much time outside, at least during the day when it's so hot. Poor Jono, he wants to be outside all the time but Carly doesn't like the heat much either. Nor do the neighbor kids. They all ususallly want a movie on when it's hot outside so Jono is begging everyone to go outside but no takers. That boy LOVES his swing!
I probably need to put the pool back out by the slide--that usually wins over the other kids. It's either that or wait till evening when it cools down to get them all outside together. 

Today my friend Robin and I took our kids to visit our widow friend. They love going to see her and she is so sweet to them. We ended up with half the neighborhood kids in tow by the time we got there. She had a big bowl of M&M's waiting for them and had all of her grand kids toys out for them. They just adore her and she loves watching them play.

Nothing exciting is going on here. That's probably a good thing. Hopefully, things will cool down a little soon. In the meantime, you stay cool. ;)

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