Friday, July 19, 2013


So when did you last jump rope? I remember trying it, briefly and unsuccessfully, last year when I bought Jonathon and Carly jump ropes at the dollar store. I've decided not to count that time though as I've since realized those were such lightweight nonsensical jump ropes that I'm not sure anyone could have successfully jumped them. Lol! Before that, though, I'm pretty sure the last time I jumped rope was in grade school, probably in 4th or 5th grade. I'm guessing I'd grown out of it by 6th grade, though I can't remember for sure.

Well, I took it up again today, in my early fifties. Yep, I sure did--and it's a lot harder than I remember. Lol! Of course, it's not like I have two of my girlfriends holding either end of it swinging it for me. I had to propel it myself and then jump two-footed up and down. This is part of my new exercise routine. Luckily Rob found me an exercise grade jump rope that is heavier than the kiddie ones. I am supposed to do fifty jumps in under a minute or two. My rope is a bit too long so I had to wrap it around my hands a few times, and it took me a bit to get used to where it was hitting under my feet. I stumbled a little but once I got my bearings I actually did eighty jumps. This is meant to get your heart rate up and increase your metabolism. I didn't think it was going to work after the first few seconds because I was stumbling badly. By the time I'd finished my two minutes I was glad I'd stuck to it because I did more than I planned and actually felt pretty good. I even felt like maybe I could have done more  but I went ahead and stopped since I had other exercises to add to those ones.  The best part was finding out I could still do something I did in grade school! How awesome is that? Yep, pretty darn AWESOME!! :)

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