Thursday, July 4, 2013


Today we had most of the family together. Rob and I were missing a few of our girls but Susan and family were here and Sarah and her family were here. Dad's sister Sally and her husband Seth are here as well. Rob, Seth and our kids started the day with a parade. Seth rode a unicycle in our local parade. That was fun to watch him perform. He even put Jono on his shoulders and rode for a bit. I have a little film of it--but I have to YouTube it and then put the link on here--so I won't do it tonight.

After the parade we had a BBQ at our house and then cake and ice cream for Grandpa. Then after Susan and Sarah's family left we watched a movie with the kids and Seth and Sally.

When it got dark, we went outside and sat on the porch and watched fireworks. I didn't realize until tonight that we could see some of the local fireworks from our front porch--some of the high ones, anyway. We have usually gone elsewhere to watch them instead of staying home. Since we were here tonight and could hear them we went out front to look and had a pretty good view of them, so I sat on the front porch with the kids and watched them. It was kind of nice.

We will continue our celebration today (Friday) since it is Grandpa's actual birthday and we still have cake left! I mean, you can't stop the party till the cake's gone, right?! Lol!

Susan's husband Russ holding the cake so Grandpa can blow out the candles!

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