Monday, July 1, 2013


Sorry I have been such a slacker lately. We made it through the weekend without any problems. Grandpa has improved a little each day and seems to be quite a bit better. He has a check-up tomorrow (Tuesday) and we are hoping to find most of the infection has cleared up. I will definitely keep you posted.

I took Mom to the doctor today for a checkup--just to rule out one last concern. We are pretty certain we did. The doc just wanted to look over one last test he didn't have there so is going to call her in the morning with his final evaluation. He was pretty certain though that there was no reason for concern. We love happy news!

It has been very warm here the last couple of weeks. We measured between 103 and 105 today depending on where we were. Although, my friend in Arizona told me I couldn't complain because it was 117 there. Yikes--I can't even imagine. Actually, I can. I was there one summer a few years ago for a week and the temps were around 116 -117 and you literally had to go from air conditioning to air conditioning to survive. Anyone outside in it was thought to be insane!

My Aunt Sally and Uncle Seth, Dad's sister and her husband arrive on Wednesday--and the birthday bashes begin soon after. We spend most of the days surrounding the 4th celebrating my Dad's birthday. Even though he was born on the 5th his mother always kind of claimed the holiday for him so we like to carry on the tradition. So while you're wishing the nation a Happy Birthday this weekend be sure to wish think of Big Bad John and light a sparkler or two for him as well! Lol!

Night all!

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