Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Our little ones love it when Daddy wears his cowboy hat so the other night we took them to a western store to see if we could find a similar hat for them to wear in their size. We did end up finding some hats for them. Of course Carly picked out this awesome pink number! Lol! What else would she choose!

Cowgirl Carly

Jono on the other hand liked every hat he saw! However, there was one studly hat we just had to have him try on--it was a BLACK HAT! He happened to have on a black T-shirt at the time and he looked so darn cuddly~studdly we could hardly stand it! We just had to have a picture of him in it! However, we did NOT have to have that hat as it was $50.00 and we figured a picture did just as much for us as him having it would! We did let him pick out another one but this is the funnest picture we took of him that day!

Here's our little cuddly~studdly muffin now:

Big Bad John II

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