Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Today was a good day. Grandpa even had a good day. He's feeling much better and I think it helped that his sister Sally was coming today (okay, you too, Seth, wink, wink--Lol!) They got here late afternoon and we all went out for dinner. It's been really nice to catch up again. When we got back to the house we listened to Dad and Sally talk about their childhood and all the funny and crazy things they did. Dad was sure a little rascal. It's a wonder he lived to tell about some of the things he did.

Tomorrow Susan and Sarah and their families will be coming for the holiday and to celebrate Dad's birthday. We are going to have a family BBQ--although, most of our celebrating will probably happen inside. Our temps have been hitting over 100 degrees this week so we probably won't spend a ton of time outdoors.

We are thinking of going to a parade in the morning. In fact, we've been looking for someone who has a spare unicycle--possibly from the unicycle club riding in the parade, to see if Seth can ride with them. We are still waiting to hear back. That would be fun if he could.

Well, that's about all we know. Happy Fourth everyone! Be safe!

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