Thursday, July 25, 2013


Hi all,

It's been a very tiring day. I apologize for not posting something on here sooner. I have talked to some of you personally but trying to get things taken care of  at home and everyone fed and settled has taken some time.

Mom's surgery went well. She is a bit sore and initially came out of it with a very large headache. Thankfully, they were able to help get her over it before we left the hospital. Her surgery ended up being more involved than they initially thought it would be. They thought they would find one of her parathyroid glands very enlarged and need to remove it. Instead they found that none of them were VERY enlarged but all of them had some enlargement or some issues. So they took three of them completely out and took a tenth of the fourth one out for biopsy. She has to take calcium now to build her system back up but the doctor feels she will recover fully.

We both really like the doctor/surgeon a lot. He is originally from Georgia and is really down to earth and kind. He has done a large number of these surgeries and came very highly recommended.

Mom has to take it very easy for the next couple weeks--no lifting, no running around~basically she can't do much of anything. She just has to lay around and bask in the . . . oh wait, I'm not sure he went that far . . . Lol! Basically she has to be a good girl and REST LOTS!

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