Sunday, April 15, 2012


Today was my Sunday to teach Sunday School so Rob stayed home with Jonathon. Poor little guy, he just begs to go to church--or anywhere for that matter. It's so hard to have to keep him at home when he wants to go like everyone else. He is too young to understand the why's--so trying to explain it to him does no goo. I really hope and pray he will grow out of this asthma. Any prayers you would like to donate toward this end would be so appreciated.

It started to warm back up a little today. It was in the upper fifties again and more of our tulips and daffodils were in bloom. I'm so glad they are hearty since yesterday we had hail coming down and some frigid temps! I guess the weather can't make up its mind.

We spent Saturday running errands and trying to get things done around the house and yard. Seems like there is always so much to do that I don't feel like anything really gets accomplished.

My baby sister Sarah is turning 50 at the end of this week. Mom and Dad are planning a jaunt to her house for her birthday which is a little over two hours from here. Gads, when did we all get so old? Don't answer that. Lol! Night all.

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Anonymous said...

Don't talk old to me. In three weeks I qualify for the senior discout at most movie houses! Char