Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Wow, today was gorgeous! There was even a nice breeze blowing. When I picked Carly up from pre-school they had made kites and even though, they weren't really meant to fly hers kind of did! She loved it!

I took the kids to a friend's house for lunch and to play. As we were leaving Jono decided to be a little pill and took off running! I got some good exercise chasing him around the block! Thank goodness he turned up someone's sidewalk into their backyard and found a swingset instead of continuing on the regular sidewalk or into the road. Well, at least no need to go to the gym today. :/ lol!

The other little trick he has learned is opening doors and going out them! We are on constant alert these days. Luckily, Daddy is a great handy man and has spent the last several days installing extra door security for us and hopefully, futility for him! He is a determined little boy. Maybe I should just say -- he is a little "boy." Boys are so different to raise than girls! Wow!

Well, I am worn out. Must rest up for whatever he has planned for tomorrow. :) More later.

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