Monday, April 23, 2012


Lots of doctors today; not so much good news. Rob went to a urologist and found out that he did, indeed, have kidney stones. It looked like he had passed the worst one but he still has two stones inside, a one and two millimeter stone--one of each. The doc thinks the one millimeter one will pass on its own and the two millimeter one might pass on its own. If not, it will have to be taken out or blasted. Yay! Not.

The urologist told Rob the number one culprit of his stones is most likely the Tums and he takes for antacid. Oh my. I guess it's partly the calcium in them. I'm not sure what else but he can't take them at all anymore. The second big contributor is diet soda. Oops. I'm afraid I got him started on those. Well, there went his whole day.

After that appointment, Rob headed to his family doctor for a quick checkup and everything else seems to be okay. At least that's something.

Grandpa had some tests today and is having some more on Thursday. Seems like he's overproducing saliva and it makes it difficult for him to swallow at times. With Parkinson's and Post Polio it seems like it's always something! We would love to have your prayers for him as he goes through these tests and probably some therapy to help strengthen his throat or trachea muscles.

Well, that's pretty much the news for the day. I will keep you posted on things. Thanks all. Night.

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