Sunday, April 22, 2012


Today was my baby sister's 50th birthday. Happy Birthday Sarah! Mom and Dad went up yesterday (Saturday) to celebrate with her and then stayed through part of today and headed back home. They all had a fun time and enjoyed themselves. I'm glad they were able to go and it was nice for Sarah to have them there.

Yesterday Rob and I went and worked the State Republican Caucus for one of the candidates for State Senate, Dan Liljenquist who is an amazing man. He managed to eek out an opportunity to run in the primary against Senator Orrin Hatch. Our caucus system is strange here. If a candidate gets 60 percent in caucus then he gets to run unopposed in the general. Senator Hatch got 59.19 % and Dan got 49.79 % so there is going to be a primary. This is something Senator Hatch was hoping not to have as many of the voters are tired of him. You see he could legally pay the delegates to vote for him; the voters--not so much. :)

Anyway, we are excited for a new week. Jono has his 10 day check-up this week to see how he is doing. Rob had another bout yesterday and today with kidney stones so he will be in checking those out and the rest of us will hopefully just be laying low and not causing any problems at all. Lol!

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