Thursday, April 5, 2012


We celebrated Megan's 25th birthday yesterday! I had so much going on I didn't manage to get a blog written. Rob ended up not getting back from Idaho and Julie ended up working so it was up to Grandma and Grandpa and the little ones and me to throw the party. One of her close friend's came too. We had pizza, cake and ice cream--and of course, presents! I can't believe she's 25! Time flies! Anyway, Happy Birthday Megs! I love you!

Today, I took Jonathon to a new pediatric allergist today. We found he does have some seasonal and animal allergies and that his peanut allergy is still really high. We are trying him on a new controller medicine for his asthma and the doc thinks it will be a better controller than the one we have had him on. I just haven't really ever felt like we truly had good control of his asthma yet, so I am hoping this new doctor can help us get things figured out. He did tell me that most of the time when kids have acute attacks it is because of respiratory infections. That has been the case with Jonathon so far at least. I really, really want to find a way to keep those infections at bay.

While I was in the office with Jono trying to keep his hands busy so he wouldn't scratch his back during the allergy testing I was letting him look at the pictures on my phone. I found this really cute picture I took of Carly the other day while she was modeling. I forgot I'd taken it but I think she looks so sweet in it.

Julie has been a big help this week. It's been so nice to have her home on Spring Break. She's also been able to get some extra work hours in which she's been glad about as it helps her college fund. Well, better get some sleep. Night all.

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