Thursday, April 19, 2012


Sorry I didn't blog yesterday. I had a bad migraine which continued into this morning. Thank goodness for an understanding husband and teenage daughter who helped out a ton with the little ones. I was able to get some good rest last night and today that helped my head feel better.

Tonight I went to Relief Society meeting (church women's organization)with a friend that was really good. We listened to a couple of speakers and then had refreshments. The speakers were really wonderful. They spoke about how important our roles as mother's are and what an influence we can make on society by what we do in our homes and families. It's so true. I've always loved the quote; "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world." I look around at where our society and country is falling apart and I think you really can trace it back to where "family" became less of a focus.
People would have you believe it doesn't matter who raises a child or what the environment is like--but it matters a lot for the well-being of that child.

I came away from that meeting knowing I have a lot more to do to be the Mom I want and need to be. I also came away determined to become that Mom. :)

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