Friday, January 3, 2014


Rob and I both had a check up with the same doctor this year because we were both feeling so run down and tired. She did blood work and labs to check just about everything and found that indeed we were run down and tired. Lol. Actually, she did find some reasons for what was going on with each of us as well.

We have each started our own six month course of treatment that will hopefully have us feeling much better by the end of it. I went with Rob to his last appointment and the doctor talked to him about spending at least a month on the Paleo diet. She didn't want him to do this because of his weight but to clean out and regulate what they call the gut. It is supposed to make us healthier.

The Paleo diet is a pretty severe diet. Grass fed beef and pork, no grains, fish, fruits and veggies, no dairy, no sugars, no sugar substitutes, etc,

I told him I would go on it with him and we've been making plans to do it. We are going to start next week when he gets back from a work trip. We started talking about the diet tonight and he said, "You really don't have to go on this with me." I replied, "Where you go, I go."

Jono, who was sitting nearby, listening but I'm sure not understanding the context or content of the conversation, piped right up and said, "Where Santa goes, I go!" 

Hahaha! Well alright then! Good to know my funny little boy! I guess we will see you at the North Pole then! Lol!

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