Monday, January 27, 2014


This week is parent/teacher conference week at school and they do it a little different here. All week the kids only go to school two hours so the teachers have time to meet with the parents. So, it's early in and early out ~ especially for Kindergartners who usually only go for hours. I thought I set my alarm on my phone to remind me of this BUT apparently I didn't get it set right. So, I go driving up to school with Carly at the regular time and realize there are no other kids waiting to go in and it hits me what's going on. Unfortunately, that means she only has a half hour of school left! She was NOT a happy camper! However, I was not the only parent who forgot, there was one ahead of me and one behind me! I LOVE COMPANY when I've done something stupid or am in the doghouse. Luckily, one of them was Carly's best friend! That helped a little.

After school I got a bit of a talkin' too, from my resident 5 year old about how I'd made her miss all the fun stuff (which I had.) I did feel pretty bad about it so when Rob arrived home a little early her and Jono over to Chuck E. Cheese as a surprise. We didn't go for dinner but just to let them play games. They had a really fun time and I'm pretty sure it made up for mommy's big goof! Alarm is now set!

Julie had a great day, well, besides being sick with strep! She's been down all weekend and finally got to the doctor today to get checked and get some medicine for it. Her throat's been really bad but the doctor's office was out all weekend and only taking emergency calls so she couldn't get in until today. Hopefully, it will clear within a few days. ANYWAY, school and tests go on even when you're sick so she had to go take one. She had a music test and she did FANTASTIC on it! (Congrats Jules!) This is her first real test since taking a semester off to really get her head in the game. Also, she's had several quizzes in each of her classes and has been getting 100% on those. Way to go Julie! WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!!! We've known you could do it all along!

Julie has some great new roomies this semester who are very good to her. They are also in school and they all seem to enjoy each other. They study together, cook together, work out together and just have fun together. It makes us very happy to know she's in good company!

She also has a job she really likes. She works for a retail store as a sales rep and cashier. She does that about thirty hours a week and goes to school full-time so she keeps really busy. We end up visiting her almost as much as she comes home--which is only once about once a month for each of us. We sure miss our Jules -- that is for certain!

Jono, Julie and Carly
on one of our visits to see Julie at work

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