Saturday, January 18, 2014


I must blog tonight. I simply must. Not long ago Rob told Carly I'd been blogging since she was born and that I wrote about her every night. That was a teeny bit of an exaggeration. I was in a pretty good habit of blogging regularly for a long time and I generally wrote at least something the kids were up to pretty much every day. If not that, I would post a photo of them on here. So, now every few days Carly asks "Mommy, what did you write about me last night?" Unfortunately for me, every time she's asked me has been a day after I haven't blogged. :( You guessed it. She asked me tonight what I wrote about her last night. So, tonight--I write!

I will start first letting you know Grandpa had an appointment with his heart doctor on Friday. He got a clean bill of health. He did not have any Afib going on and doesn't need to see him again for 6 months. Yay!

We had a very lazy Saturday today. I mean super lazy. We didn't get fully out of bed until oh . . . about 2:30 p.m. - YUP, that's what I said. That isn't when we woke up, it's just when we got up. It kind of happened in stages. Jonathon came in around 8:00 and snuggled with me for about 30 minutes, then went back to his bed to sleep. Carly slept later than usual today so she didn't come in to snuggle til about 10:00 which was good. I'd woken up with a migraine and was still trying to get rid of it when she came in so I snuggled with her a little then had her snuggle with daddy til my headache was gone. Then we had one big ticklefest in our bed which made Jono come running back in to join in! Then we all snuggled together and watched a movie till about 2:30. I mean, in between all that, I did get the kids and dogs something to eat--but it was kind of nice to not have or not make any plans.

When I have these moments to just hold and snuggle my little ones I always thank my Father in Heaven for bringing them into my life. I am so blessed and so grateful for so many unanswered prayers (thank you Garth). It's so true that the Lord knows better for us than we know for ourselves. If I'd had my prayers answered time and again--I wouldn't have the wonderful, amazing daughters or the sons I have (yes, I count Carson) even though I don't have him here. I wouldn't have all the amazing blessings I have.

And I want to just add that one of the best blessings I have is of my children growing up living with and knowing their grandparents well. I was so blessed in my life to have wonderful grandparents and to have them for a longtime in my life and know them very well. We were very close. I'm so thankful my kids can be close to their grandma and grandpa, too. There is definitely a lovefest going on there and it makes me very happy!

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