Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Day one - I was starving. Day two - I was weak. Day three - I am managing, I think. This is definitely a lifestyle change. The things I miss most, besides flavor (and sugar) are tic tacs, mints and gum--anything to just put in my mouth when it is dry or has a strange taste after a meal. If you had asked me what I thought I would miss most, I would have told you my diet drinks. They are definitely on the list but not as high as I suspected they would be. I am managing better on just water than I thought I would. I do throw a lemon in the water now and then and that helps.

One of the rules on what they call the Whole30 is to weigh yourself the first day and then to stay off the scales for the 30 days so you don't make the experience about weight--but just about eating a new way and relaxing. (Who can relax when you are always trying to figure out if there is ANYTHING you can eat? LOL!) I was defiant on day 2 and weighed myself. I had already lost weight. Today, I got with the program and started to relax a little. No, seriously, I did. I am not really even missing sugar as much as I expected and so far, I haven't had a bad sugar withdrawal headache which I expected (and deserve.) :( I was seriously eating every piece of chocolate that wasn't nailed down right before we started this--kind of my way of pre-mourning my loss of food freedom. Haha!

Well, that's my report so far. It really hasn't been that bad. Heading for day four. Wish us luck.

Everyone else here is fine. Grandma had an appointment in SLC today. She is helping out with some headache trials/project--can't think exactly how to explain it. Anyway, she spent a few hours there and then out shopping. Grandpa was busy doing paperwork. That's about it for today. Take care and have a terrific Thursday!

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