Sunday, January 5, 2014


Jono and I hung out at home today while Rob and Carly went to church since we were still coughing. We watched cartoons, had our breathing treatment (Jono's) and played on the computer and played cars while we waited for Daddy and big sis to come home. We didn't want to infect anyone else at church. It hasn't been a whole lot of fun being sick this past while. Grandma has felt pretty puny, too--although she seems to be doing a bit better also. She still hasn't wandered too far from home yet.

Rob's spent his whole vacation being sick or recovering from being sick. He heads back to work tomorrow. He had a whole list of things he was going to do but this cold/flu like stuff just knocks you off your feet. It ended up being good he had some time off so he could rest.

It's only 24 degrees here but we don't have snow falling. We still have snow on the ground from what fell before Christmas. Our friends in the midwest are sure receiving a beating from the white stuff right now. They are in our thoughts and prayers and hopefully all are safe and warm.

Well, not much to tell when you don't leave the house for the day. Take care all and stay safe!

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